Malaysian Rubber Export Promotion Council - MREPC

Corporate Information

The Malaysian Rubber Export Promotion Council (MREPC) was incorporated on 14 April 2000 under the Companies Act 1965 as a company limited by guarantee under the Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities (MPIC). MREPC is governed by a Board of Trustees appointed by the Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities. MREPC is tasked with undertaking market promotion of quality Malaysian rubber products in world markets, and in particular, to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

MREPC has overseas offices in the US, Europe, China and India.

The USA office was set up in Washington DC in February 2001 and serves as a centre of information on Malaysian rubber and rubber products for the American public and end users. In particular, it addresses American concerns regarding latex products, especially latex gloves, through the dissemination of balanced and accurate information.

MREPC has two offices in China – the Shanghai office was set up in September 2011 and the Guangzhou office in April 2016. MREPC China facilitates and assists Malaysian companies seeking to grow their business in China.  

MREPC India was set up in Mumbai in May 2016 to facilitate the export of Malaysian rubber and rubber products as well as assists Malaysian companies to grow their business in India.

MREPC’s Europe office recently resumed operations at its new location in Rotterdam, Netherlands in November 2018. It will play an important role to facilitate exports of Malaysian rubber products into Europe by monitoring developments and changes in policies and new regulations concerning the importation and use of rubber products in Europe.

Core Values

  • Integrity - Being honorable and following ethical principles
  • Adaptability - Being flexible and changing in response to new circumstances
  • Aggressiveness - Vigorously pursuing goals
  • Creativity - Developing new ideas and applying innovative approaches
  • Co-operation - Being cooperative and working well with others
  • Initiative - Seizing opportunity and taking responsibility without hesitation
Malaysia as a leading exporter of quality and sustainably produced rubber products.


To facilitate & promote

export of quality and sustainably
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To identify

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