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MREPC Seminar Presentation
( 4 March 2014 )

Implementation Updates on Minimum Wages Order

Medical Gloves Seminar: India
( 19 & 21 September 2013 )

Medical Device Regulations in India
Know Your Medical Gloves for Better Protection and Patient Care
The Importance of Infection Control in the Era of Multi Drug Resistance
Clean Hands in Healthcare

Medical Gloves Seminar: Indonesia
( 27 April 2013 )

Updated Medical Device Regulation
Know Your Gloves for Better Infection Control
Masalah Transmisi Penyakit Infeksi di RS
Hospital Acquired Infections in the Era of Antimicrobial Resistance

Medical Gloves Seminar: China
( 24 & 27 November 2012 )

Medical Device Regulations in China
Infection Control Management in Beijing
Infection Control Management in Shanghai
Medical Gloves: What You Need to Know

Medical Gloves Seminar: Russia & Ukraine
( 17 & 21 May 2012 )

Changes in the Order of Circulation of Medical Products on the Market
Import Regulations Update for Medical Disposables in Ukraine
Import Regulations Update for Medical Disposables in Russia
Medical Gloves: What You Need to Know
The Role of Barrier Protection in Implementing Effective Infection Control

5th International Rubber Glove Conference & Exhbition 2010
( 29 September 2010 )

Trends in Global Rubber Glove Trade

Medical Gloves Seminar: Spain & Italy
( 22 & 24 June 2010 )

Situacion actual del uso de guantes quirurgicos y de examen en el Sistema de Salud Espanol (Spanish)
Detecting Allergy by Using Latex Allergens: Epimediological and Clinical Experiences
Examination Glove Standards and Product Certification
The Case for Continuing the Use of NR Latex Gloves
The Disappearance of NRL-Allergy in Germany and Europe

Medical Gloves Seminar: Australia
( 8 - 12 December 2008 )

Latex Allergy: What has the epidemic taught us?
Latex allergy up-dated
Environmental Advantage of Natural Rubber Latex Products
Latex Allergy - The Australian experience: Where are we now
Trends of Medical Glove Usage in Europe

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